Friday, October 10, 2014

The Nightmare Before Christmas

One of my favorite movies of all times by the magical & wonderful Tim Burton.

Remember as a kid when Halloween and Christmas were two distinct holidays and now....all the big box stores have the two side by side.  Candy corn and candy reindeer poop.  It used to kind of bug me I'm guilty of having both holidays coexist.

Surrounded by Halloween decorations and after a good pumpkin picking session I set down to sketch out a mini painting of where I'm super excited to be selling this December, the Chelsea Market as part of the wonderful Etsy NY Team.

I couldn't be more excited!  So while I'm planning outings to pumpkin patches and filling goody bags for Trick-or-Treaters I'm humming Christmas tunes as well.

What are you up to this time of year?

xoxo Marcia  aka Be My Bee

Acrylic paint on good ol' fashioned black construction paper that I borrowed from my 5 year olds art stash.  :)

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