Friday, November 30, 2012

Craft Show Photos

I should take some, huh?  Well, each day I've been to the Bellevue Hilltop Holiday Craft Show I've managed to forget my camera so...tomorrow, before the show is over I'll take a bunch and share here.  Until then I you can take a peek at photos from last year's event.

Or stop by in person, the show is going on until 8pm tonight and 10-5pm tomorrow.  Happy handmade shopping!  :)

Northwest Arts Center
9825 NE 24th Street
Bellevue, WA (Clyde Hill area)

Hope you're having a great Friday (and if you're not, time to turn that bad boy around!)

Marcia  :) aka  Be My Bee

Where in the world is Be my Bee?

...I'm in Bellevue, Washington, well at least my craft booth is.  I'm part of a  5 day show at the Northwest Arts Center.  It's my first real craft fair and I've learned ALOT!  I'll post photos soon.

Oooh and if you're in the area why not checkout the fair...

Have a great day!

Marcia   aka  Be My BEE

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wedding Journals

Hi Friends!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

I've been busy, busy, busy working on a custom order for a bride to be.   She had the coolest idea for taking the  journals I make and using them as table numbers AND as wish books.  Each table will have one of these journals for the guests to write their wishes for the couple. Now when the couple celebrates their anniversary they can pull out the journal of wishes for that year and bask in the love and memory of their wedding day.  Isn't that awesome!

I'm sending these journals in a keepsake wooden box for safe keeping for the years to come.  I'm so honored to have my work be a part of their wedding.

Take care!

Marcia  aka Be My Bee

Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Photos!

Hi Friends,

I've been working on taking better photos and being a little more adventurous with my backgrounds. 

I used a wine crate and a string of white lights for these.  What do you think of these new photos?

 I have a basic point and shoot Nikon Cool Pix camera and I've never managed to get that gorgeous "etsy" look.  These photos feel like a victory to me after many failed attempts but I know they can be even better.  Any suggestions?



PS - To my East coast family and friends - stay warm tonight, I'm thinking of you guys!

Monday, November 5, 2012

"How To" Time....Make Paper Christmas Trees


 Are you ready for some crafting fun? I sure hope so.  These trees are a breeze to make and I love how you can customize the size.  This is the perfect little holiday decoration to get started on now so you can build up a bunch if you like over the next few weeks and you'll be ready for decorating after Thanksgiving.

I found the original directions for this "how to" on Pinterest,  (I'm so addicted to this site, you can find anything on there, it's like magic!) and just tweaked it a bit.  Take a look at the original here, it's so pretty!

Here's mine  :)

Gather up your materials:

* vintage book (or you could use newsprint, scrapbook paper, bills you don't want to pay...kidding, just any kind of light weight fairly sturdy paper will do.  Tissue paper might be a little too flimsy to work with I think.
*scissors (I used scalloped edge scissors from Fiskars)
*scotch tape
*glass vase or small tea light holder (or any form that has the right shape - wider at base and narrows toward top, tea light holder is from the Dollar Store!)
*paintbrush (you'll be using the long handle) or pen or pencil
*white glue (I used Aleene's Tacky Glue, but any white liquid glue ought to work.
*glitter (optional!  I used Martha Stewart's fine glitter)
*sponge brush
*wax paper
*paper plate

Assemble your materials.  Cover your workspace with wax paper if you'll be painting or using glitter.

Tear out a few pages of your book, about 5-6 to start. Final amount will vary based on the size of your book and object you're covering.

Using your pencil/pen/or paintbrush gently curl your paper by rolling it around your paintbrush handle.

Keeping your cuts fairly even (about 1/2 " wide) make cuts along the rolled edge of the paper stopping at least 1 inch from the opposite edge.

Tape your paper to the base of the vase or object you're covering. I cut off the sides that were overlapping so that the "branches" would be fairly even.

Add these pages all the way to the top.  Now to get your Christmas tree point just roll another piece of paper into a cone and measure it on top of your tree.  Once you find the right fit go ahead tape your cone together inside and out and along the edges.  Trim bottom if necessary ( I had to!)

 Add a few more "mini" layers of book pages, trimming as necessary and taping on to the cone.  Leave the tree as is or add glitter to the "branches" or add a tiny paper star on top.

Tea light form for Paper Christmas tree.

 You can really use just about any form to create these trees.  I used a tall tea light candle holder (purchased at the Dollar Store) and just scrunched and taped a book page to it to gain height and create a form to tape the other pages to.

 Make a cone just as before and securely tape.  Don't worry about adding too much tape, you'll be covering this with the book pages.

 Using a dry sponge brush gently brush on a little gold paint.  I like to paint on wax paper for easy clean up and the dry painted paper won't stick!  Or paint the tips of the paper with a little white glue and sprinkle with glitter (I like using a paper plate underneath to catch the glitter so I can save it for my next project.)

These paper trees were a big part of my paper and "A Christmas Carol" themed tablescape for Lakewold Gardens Beautiful Tables Showcase

Tealight Paper Christmas Tree with Paper Star

I think this is my first "how to" so if i've left out some steps or you have a suggestion for me please leave me a comment, I'd love to know!


Marcia  ....Be My Bee

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Beautiful Tables Showcase, Lakewold Gardens 2012

Happy November!

Here are some photos of the gorgeous tables at Lakewold Gardens "Beautiful Tables" showcase that took place last week.  Hope these photos inspire your entertaining!

Let's begin our journey with a table I'm especially fond of....mine!  :)
My entry for the showcase "A Christmas Carol Revisited."

My handmade paper Christmas tree made of vintage pages from  "A Christmas Carol" stay tuned for "how to" directions coming soon.

My attempt at decoupage for the plates and fun paper leaf accents underneath.  You can make this plate for less than $3! I'll show you how later this month.

 The wine bottles feature vintage pages from "A Christmas Carol."  I simply painted the labels gold and stuck them on with double stick tape.  The open bottle of wine has text referring to the "Ghost of Christmas Past" with the other bottles  showcasing a page of text from the "Ghost of Christmas Present" and "Future."  The sparkly trees were purchased years ago during Target's after Christmas 75% off sale.  Candles are flameless are were purchased at the Dollar store.  A bit of scrapbook paper with a clock is attached with a bit of gold ribbon.
The gold bread plate is another decoupage attempt of mine, I love the way it turned out.  

I love this clock, another fun Target find.  

Affordable stemware from the Dollar Store and another version of  a paper Christmas tree  (courtesy of pinterest).  How to coming soon as well.

And now for the rest of the showcase...its interesting to see which tables won awards and which didn't.  They are all spectacular nonetheless...enjoy!

Lakewold Gardens 2012 Beautiful Tables Showcase

One of my favorite tables in the showcase.  I'm so surprised it didn't win a ribbon from the judges.

Love these colors - won Best in Show!

Last year's Best in Show winner.  Love the centerpiece!

The netting is such an unexpected yet elegant touch.

These inflatable crayon balloons are tied on with fishing wire to bamboo poles.  Genius!

Check back soon for "how to's" coming soon!