Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Photos!

Hi Friends,

I've been working on taking better photos and being a little more adventurous with my backgrounds. 

I used a wine crate and a string of white lights for these.  What do you think of these new photos?

 I have a basic point and shoot Nikon Cool Pix camera and I've never managed to get that gorgeous "etsy" look.  These photos feel like a victory to me after many failed attempts but I know they can be even better.  Any suggestions?



PS - To my East coast family and friends - stay warm tonight, I'm thinking of you guys!


  1. I like them! I think the top is my favorite. :) I use PicMonkey to edit my photos, the "clarity" helps make them pop with out adding a glare.

    I'd like to invite you to join our new Meet and Greet Blog Hop!

    Come link up, and join in on the fun!


  2. Thanks for the tip Laurie. I'm going to check your link now, thanks so much!