Thursday, November 1, 2012

Beautiful Tables Showcase, Lakewold Gardens 2012

Happy November!

Here are some photos of the gorgeous tables at Lakewold Gardens "Beautiful Tables" showcase that took place last week.  Hope these photos inspire your entertaining!

Let's begin our journey with a table I'm especially fond of....mine!  :)
My entry for the showcase "A Christmas Carol Revisited."

My handmade paper Christmas tree made of vintage pages from  "A Christmas Carol" stay tuned for "how to" directions coming soon.

My attempt at decoupage for the plates and fun paper leaf accents underneath.  You can make this plate for less than $3! I'll show you how later this month.

 The wine bottles feature vintage pages from "A Christmas Carol."  I simply painted the labels gold and stuck them on with double stick tape.  The open bottle of wine has text referring to the "Ghost of Christmas Past" with the other bottles  showcasing a page of text from the "Ghost of Christmas Present" and "Future."  The sparkly trees were purchased years ago during Target's after Christmas 75% off sale.  Candles are flameless are were purchased at the Dollar store.  A bit of scrapbook paper with a clock is attached with a bit of gold ribbon.
The gold bread plate is another decoupage attempt of mine, I love the way it turned out.  

I love this clock, another fun Target find.  

Affordable stemware from the Dollar Store and another version of  a paper Christmas tree  (courtesy of pinterest).  How to coming soon as well.

And now for the rest of the showcase...its interesting to see which tables won awards and which didn't.  They are all spectacular nonetheless...enjoy!

Lakewold Gardens 2012 Beautiful Tables Showcase

One of my favorite tables in the showcase.  I'm so surprised it didn't win a ribbon from the judges.

Love these colors - won Best in Show!

Last year's Best in Show winner.  Love the centerpiece!

The netting is such an unexpected yet elegant touch.

These inflatable crayon balloons are tied on with fishing wire to bamboo poles.  Genius!

Check back soon for "how to's" coming soon!

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