Saturday, August 20, 2011

Finding Moments Photography and Ice Cream Cone Cards

Hello Friends!

Last week my wonderful friend Tammi, the owner of Finding Moments Photography,  took the most incredible family photos for me.  We haven't had real family photos (and by real I mean Sears) in two years which makes these photos especially special.  I've never had professional photos like these and the whole experience was AMAZING!  We met at a local park and she had such fun ideas for different backdrops and poses.  Because she's such a sweetheart it was really fun and posing felt natural somehow.  If you're in the Seattle/Tacoma area and looking for a talented photographer who's great to work with check her out!!/findingmoments

Tammi generously agreed to accept some custom made cards for her amazing work so I've been busy working on ice cream themed thank you cards for her daughter's upcoming 3rd birthday.  These cards definitely have a childlike charm and sweet shoppe feeling to them.  I hope she likes them! 

All the shapes are cut by hand and I made my own templates.  The overall look is simple, fun and being perfectly imperfect definitely handmade. Do you think it works?  I have such a hard time deciding what looks better - the perfection of exact measurements or the free flow of completely handmade stuff.  What do you gravitate towards?  Do you think it depends on the project at hand?

Thank you for your feedback!

xoxo - Marcia aka BeMyBee


  1. Marcia, I think that when each card is a bit different, unique on it's own, is when it's the most treasured. Love your posts! :)

  2. Sarah, thank you for your feedback. I like that idea that the little imperfections that go along with handmade items add to their overall appeal.