Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Halloween on my mind

Sure, it's the middle of summer, but I've got Halloween on my mind.  Blame it on the shops, blame it on etsy, blame it on my love of ravens but no matter what the reason I just LOVE how this little notebook turned out.

I'm so excited to work on more orange and black theme cards and decorations. With a few months of planning and creating time I'm excited to beat the October 30th rush to be ready for the 31st, that's usually the day I start planning for Halloween.  :)

Do you have Halloween on the brain too?   Are you an early planner or a holiday procrastinator?

We have a joke in my family regarding our typical procrastion with holidays..."oh, is Christmas on the 25th this year?"  Doh! 

4 x5.5" Handmade mini notebook
Hope you're having a great day whatever you're up to....swimming in a lake on a hot day or writing your Christmas wish list.  Enjoy!

xoxo Marcia  aka BeMyBee

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